A Sick Baby

The last couple weeks have been quite out of the ordinary. Baby M and I were sitting in my room when suddenly he started snuffling and coughing. I began to prepare myself for a few sick days, he had gotten a cold a couple months back and did quite fine, I thought.

I turned on his humidifier, rubbed some olive with a drop of eucalyptus oil on his chest, back and feet and suctioned his nose and nursed him at every chance. It all helped some and I kept telling myself he’ll be just fine.

A few days had gone by and I noticed him becoming more stuffed up and congested. When DH and I held him we could feel the struggle with every breathe he took. He started wheezing uncontrollably, my nerves were short and I started to worry. I kept remembering how sick I was when I was young and the possibility that his cough had to be more than just a cold. I was diagnosed with asthma at a very young age – the thought of my son having it as well was and is still frightening. My younger sibling Jane also had asthma and passed on at such a young age. I prayed, and prayed and prayed that my son be freed from such difficulties.

I started running the hot water in the rest room and patting his back to loosen his mucus so he could cough it up.

As a mom watching a child whether yours or not being afflicted with illness is so heartbreaking. I kept telling myself I rather be the one who was not well. I was willing to do everything and anything to see him happy, in good health, cooing all over again. I was done with waiting his symptoms out and called to have a doctor take a look at him. He looked fine but seemed so helpless, my heart told me he had to go in for check up.

After being examed his doctor ordered his mucus get tested for RSV – sure enough it came back positive. Baby M had acute bronchitis and needed to be treated three times a day with a nebulizer till his condition got better. I was in tears seeing him that way – just heart broken. His doctor reassured me he’d be okay as long as he kept up with daily treatments and constant suctioning. Praise due to the Most High for giving Baby M the strength to get through his illness. He’s doing much better.

I still run his humidifier 2-3 times a week using an essential oil blend to purify the air and open up his airways. I had also found a dietary supplement from Zarbees Natural – that stuff is amazing! It helped so much with loosening his mucus and soothing his dry cough. I now use that seldomly if I notice any persistent coughs or runny nose. Hate flu season, don’t you!?! Ugh. Just glad he is doing much better. I’d definitely recommended having a bottle of Zarbees Natural Babies Cough and Mucus syrup in your medicine cabinet. I try to avoid acetaminophen acetaminophen and ibuprofen since he’s so young and a lot if the cough medicines have a small percentage of alcohol plus there have been no scientific fact that they help. Also if you have been diagnosed with asthma be sure to inform your pediatrician. Having a neubilizer at home is also a great idea. Shop around on Amazon or talk to your child’s pediatrician for more info!

Take it easy mamas, spending my prayers to all sick little ones. A lot of cases of bronchitis, pneumonia and stomach virus are going around.

I don’t like sick days especially for Baby M.img_20170128_020004_661


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