It’s Not THAT Bad

Six months in and it still feels like yesterday when I was feeling swoll like a baked potato, barely able to touch my feet and just ready to hold dear baby in my arms. I’ve got to say if there’s one piece of advice that I hold to till this day, its got to be – you can never have too many diapers.

I knew babies went a lot and babies who breastfed went even more. The amount of money spent on diapers within the last six months has already reached an estimate of 250.00. Crazy but true and what seems to amaze me even more is the fact that the older they get the more often you need to change their diaper. So within the last month or so I started using cloth diapers. Yes they’re more work and more expensive initially but overall they’re awesome and I’ve found a strategy that works for Baby M and me.

I know a lot people thought I was nuts to even consider using cloth diapers but I mean why not?!

In the beginning I told myself I’d do a lot of things and using cloth diapers was one thing because I knew in the long run they’d always be my back up and an easy way to caring for Baby M. When I’m home and plan to be for a few hours or most of the day, I use cloth diapers and Gerber multipurpose cloths – not regular inserts. Reason 1# – because it’s what I have on hand and 2# – it was what most moms used back in the days, if they trusted it so can I.

For the most part I like the versatility of cloth diapers. They can save you a ton of money if you use them right. I’ve hadn’t had to wash them when Baby M does number two but what I have found useful is as soon as I change him I rinse them off, add baking soda and a drop of detergent and they’re good. The multi cloths dry pretty quick since they’re not so thick. If you open them up to dry you could use it again for bed time. I’ve only used cloth diapers twice during the evening and had to double up on the number of cloths used. I also found it very helpful changing him after six hours which is pretty good – helps prevent leakage.

The quality of the cloths are pretty good and he has not had any breakouts or rash which is awesome.

The initial costs for cloth diapers may seem a bit high but in the long run you get to continuously use them as long as you take good care in maintaining them. I purchased mine for two bucks each on Wish. I haven’t tried any specific brands but I plan to in the future.

I’ve heard liners work pretty well when baby does number two, less clean up work. One thing I know for sure is soaking is not necessary unless you don’t have time to immediately wash them and if you do soak them make sure you add a decent amount of baking soda and a bit of vinegar for odor protection.

I’m hoping within the next few months God willing I can start potty training Baby M even before he begins to walk. The earlier – the better.


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