Mommy Has to Get Her Groove Back


Postpartum life is no joke, the hormonal imbalance, sleepless nights, stretching out the day with caffeine and trying to just make it through with sanity is I’m sure what most moms thoughts are. To say that a woman don’t lose her marbles sometimes would be a definite lie – whether you go nutso within or finally taken the last straw and explode on others, it happens.

Lately I’ve found myself riding the emotional rollercoaster quite frequently and I’ve linked my emotions with my appetite and diet. The two of them have been driving me up the wall. Constant craves for sweets, episodes of fatigue, crazy headaches, insomnia, racing thoughts– it just never ends. 

Being that it has been almost seven months post pregnancy I’ve decided to really get myself back into my old habits. I want to feel great inside cause trust and believe what you put inside your body has a major impact on what you tend to see and feel on the outside.

Eating clean has been apart of my lifestyle for about five years now and I am so glad I made that change. Cutting dairy out of my diet a couple years back also made some significant changes for myself. I rarely felt yucky, my face was clearing up – and brightening and I felt good overall. Now and then though I did slip up but I didn’t make it stop me from continuing this positive change.

Here I am seven months postpartum and I just want to feel that great inside again. So I’ve joined Nicole ‘The Mommy Trainer’ 15 day challenge to give me a boost and motivation. I’ll have to make time for myself whenever possible to squeeze in my daily workouts – with a teething child it feels impossible but if other moms can do it, so can I. I want to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and revived so baby M and I can enjoy many more days together. I’m inviting all you moms to join in, it takes 21 days to break or gain a habit so lets make the most out of motherhood. Even though postpartum has been ugly some its been such an enlightened joy. When you feel like your having the worse day ever, that two teeth slobbering smile tells you otherwise.

If you’re expecting now and want some woman advice, I will say this – try to eat whole and clean every single day. Take those prenatals religiously especially after birth or you’ll regret it and take walks with baby once they arrive, you’ll feel whole again when you feel like you’re going to lose your mind.

Until next week mamas – stay blessed.

Here’s the link to sign up.


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