Once upon a book – A child’s mind

New research suggests that babies began to absorb language when they are inside the womb during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy — which is earlier than previously held. “

When I was pregnant I did a lot of talking to my unborn child. During my walks, while I was cooking, when I would read, I would take every opportunity to conversate with my womb – my daily live dairy entries. As crazy as it may sound it helped me cope with my emotions and thoughts. Did you know newborns can tell the difference between a mother’s native tongue to another foreign language?! It’s amazing how developed a child is from the day of birth. 

I speak to baby M in both my native tongue and English on a regular basis and he is getting the hang of it. I also read books in English with some of his father’s native tongue. My goal is he becomes trilingual as he grows up. Their minds absorb so much – just like a new sponge, just soak up all that knowledge. Everyday is a learning experience for them just like it is for us.

I make it an effort t do some sort of communication activity with baby M everyday so his linguistic skills develop well within Gods mercy and grace and I see the benefits. I can tell when he’s babbling out of excitment, frustration, sadness, thought and happiness.

Ever just sit there and observe how their minds works, how alert and observant they are about their surroundings and the people around them. How they differentiate who they feel comfortable with and who they don’t – communication plays a huge role.

Take time out of your day to read, sing or just talk to your kids – and listen and pay attention to how they respond you’ll be amazed.



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