Baby’s Summer Must Haves

Here we are, in mid March enjoying the last couple days of Spring Break before it ends and a few months more we’ll be welcoming Summer. Who’s ready?!? – I know I am!! Planning to have an enjoyable most memorable summer this year but I got to make sure plans are baby friendly and baby M has what he’ll need to enjoy it too!

Here are some of the must haves you and baby could enjoy during your planned outings

This has to be the coolest thing created for babies especially those that want to sit and not lay down. Perfect for those soccer moms or sporting parents. Allows and encourages baby to enjoy independency.

Are you planning to camp out or spend long days by the beach, then this is a must! Easy pop assembling, can be filled with plastic balls as a play pen. Keeps bugs and sand out and great circulation going.

The Dockatot is another awesome must have for days at the park or by the water park while you watch the kids have fun.

When you’re stuck at home, make it fun with a ‘pool party’.



This had to be the most useful fan I’ve purchased. Baby M was born during the summer and Texas heat is no joke. Can clip onto the stroller or car seat.

Skip and Hop is known to have great quality bags for crazy affordable prices. This cooler/warm bag is a great add on to your baby bag for your outings. 


Kiinde also has a great cooler bag for moms that store their milk in disposable bags

I know whenever I leave the house with baby M I have to bring along a good muslin blanket for him to lay on. Most muslin blankets are pretty decent in size and very light in weight – perfect for the summer months.

If you have a recommended product baby should have for summer feel free to comment below or send me your suggestions at

Hope you enjoyed this baby must have check list for the summer. Have a blessed one!


2 thoughts on “Baby’s Summer Must Haves

  1. Great post. I store breast milk using Nuk breast milk bags which aren’t reusable… So thank you for sharing this information.


    1. Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it! Try Kiinde Twist bags, they can be used with an adapter on most pumps and their bottle is really convenient. No need to pour milk into bottles, baby can drink right from the bag!


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