Your Hospital Bag – How Should I Pack?!

You’re almost there – the finish line and the anxiety and anticipation that you may go into labour any day now has you wondering what you should take with you, especially if this is your first.

I think over the course of three weeks, I packed and unpacked four times. I asked what other moms brought with them, what type of pads did I need, whether I’d be comfortable in my own gown or the hospitals etc. My head spun each time I tried to figure out what I had was enough, was necessary or just pointless. I’m going to share my hospital checklist from the experience I had and hope it helps other women!


This first thing I would definitely find out is what your hospital gives as complimentaries. You could possibly find this out by asking friends, family or OBGYN/Midwife from their past experiences. You also want to pack with an open mind and open heart. I say this in terms of whether you’ll be giving birth ‘naturally’ or through surgery. I prayed, hoped and planned that my birth would be natural but it just wasn’t meant to be; which is A-OKAY!


2 sleeping gowns for mom*

1 outfit

1 nursing bra

1 sweater/robe

5 – 7 under wears – postpartum bleeding is no joke. You can add 2 pairs for hubby just in case he spends a night or two.

A small pack of long overnight pads*

Coconut oil – for your breasts, trust me!!!

Toothbrush & toothpaste, obviously – for you & hubby



Hair ties & comb – cause you want to feel as comfortable as possible. If you wear a hair tie to bed that’s perfect!

A binding belt not a waist trainer – helps support back and speeds up contraction based on my experience

Indoor slippers/socks with anti slip*

Fennel tea – for bloating, gas and milk production

Phone charger with long cord – those wall outlets can be a bit far to reach to



Carseat – duh! Lol

3 sleeperspasteoutfits – cause accidents DO happen! Those cold rooms make baby go while you’re changing them.

3 baby beanies

2 swaddle blankets*_

A pack of newborn diapers*

Shea butter or diaper rash paste

Those would be the must haves that you will most definitely need. You can bring a book but I highly doubt you’ll have time to read.

Another thing I realized is make sure when you go into labour you stall as long as you can at home in a tub filled with warm/hot water. Of course you want to ensure you ask your doc first before hand. Also bring a shaver or have your bikini area shaved just in case.

You don’t want to put perfume or any fragrances on, the baby ward needs to be fragrance free but I’m sure we all know that.

*these items might be provided for you during your stay but you may pack them just in case if you’re unsure.


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