Make Baby a Foodie

I remember the days when I would nurse baby M and I would tell myself I would wait it out till he was six months to feed him solids – yeah right!!

At three months and three weeks I started baby M on mush. “Why? Isn’t that dangerous, his digestive system isn’t ready.” I had my doubts and worries of making him gassy and constipated but I knew he was ready. Everything I ate, he wanted, reached for and did what he could to at least taste what I was eating. I was convinced if I properly mashed or pureed the right foods and mixed it with mother’s milk he’d get the best of both worlds, man was I right! The first few things I began to give him was a tablespoon serving of pureed bananas, mash sweet potatoes and Gerber’s Multi grain Sweet Potato & Apple cereal all mixed individually with milk. He loved it and I stuck with just those for a month, each a week long to observe any reactions he might experience – glad he didn’t have any. The older he got the more I began to introduce to him and I always mixed it with milk. The consistency of the purees were not thin enough to give to him in a bottle – which he never liked but they weren’t too thick either to prevent constipation.

Baby M is now eight months old all praises and gratitude belong to Him. I still nurse him but also give him two solid meals so he can enjoy a full palate of flavor and tastes. I do advise not to give baby any eggs or too much dairy as yet and try to wait till they’re about a year or more. I do give him yogurt, foods with butter but that is it. I mostly use unrefined coconut oil or olive instead of butter and or in place of cooking oil. Flaxmeal and chia seeds are great in place of eggs and add a great nutritional value into their meals and I almost always use quinoa, brown rice or basmati for his grain. I don’t give him too much wheat and if I do I make sure its not bleached or its 100% clean and possible.

Of course I would consult baby’s pediatrician before starting baby on any solids, each child is uniquely different. I did inform baby M’s doc that he was slowing being introduced to foods and she gave me additional tips to keep in mind.

1. Space out foods given e.g. if I gave him bananas, he would eat only that for two days and I watch him and not give him any solids for the third day to monitor any allergies.

2. Mix mothers milk in his food for the add umph!

3. Don’t give baby any raw vegetables, cook them down individually

4. Don’t give him any cows milk, egg whites or honey.

So far so good, this foodie is not picky and enjoys a great meal. If you have any questions mama feel free to leave a comment or email me questions at

Stay blessed mamis



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