Top 10 Changes Moms Encounter

Since becoming a mom LOTS have changed. Mentally, physically, emotionally, socially etc. . . so I will be listing top ten drastic changes other moms can relate to, had no idea some face & allow new moms to be to see just what is in store for them in a couple months.

10. You’ll NEVER Be Alone – Unless baby is at daycare, with a sitter or asleep . . . you’ve officially become PREOCCUPIED for LIFE!

9. Sleep Has No Priority – We all know once you’re pregnant you eventually become sleep deprived, well it only gets more intense as they get older. You’ll find yourself taking advantage of every sleep opportunity you might have but also debating whether you should take that relaxing bath now?

8. Life Becomes a Wonderland – You’ll find yourself amazed at life, the smallest blessing will never goes unnoticed & your child has now become the biggest blessing life can give you. You’ll ponder about the future & anxiety may become a feeling you’ll feel a lot ever so often.

7. Your space IS their space! – No matter how much you declutter, organize, rearrange or donate their toys, clothes & everything else your cabinet space, bag & closet now belong to them & you don’t really care as long as things are somewhat in its place.

6. OCD or VERY LAZY – For some reason you got days of one or the other which might be related to mommy brain or becoming a mom period.

5. Where’d My Mind Go – Baby took a toll on that memory huh?! Can’t remember what you were suppose to do two minutes ago? Forgot that you left something on the stove? Did you accidentally put the flour in the freezer? Yup been there done ALL that and more! There’s a few great articles for you on how much mommy brain effects us.

4. Your Social Life? Yeah right!!! – The only social gatherings you’ll be going to, eager to go to or plan to be at are play dates, walks with baby, nursery time at the library or with a mom you just met at the library.

3. PJs & Yoga Pants are Your New BFF – No matter what time of day or the occasion, you’re new go to wardrobe is a pair of yoga pants, PJ pants, sweats, dira whatever you usually wear to bed will be your most comfortable set of clothes for a few years. Let’s just face it, slobbery drool, spit up & muck always find a way on you.

2. What they eat, You eat – especially those frugal moms. You become their leftover caretaker, whether at home, by a friends, out at dinner you gotta eat for two which means more calories, more carbs, more gym time.

1. Say GOODBYE to peaceful restroom breaks – I kid you not, from the day you give birth to lil’ one you’ll barely get to use that pot without having to rush or quickly close the door so your cruising teether doesn’t find their way in there with you or have them waiting outside the door causing a fit that you’re using the restroom alone. When they’re asleep it becomes your priority to make as frequent gos as possible before they’re up & that’s if you’re lucky. I know whenever I get in there & I accidentally ran the tap a tadbit loud or dropped something I cringe knowing peaceful restroom break is over.

Well mamas there you have it, these are some drastic changes I and other moms have noticed & experienced. Got any other to add feel free to comment below – stay blessed!





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